Don’t just learn how to drive, have a ball in the process. 5* driving instructor
24 Nov 2018 by MeganS-67

I came to Balv having already had 10 lessons from a previous instructor. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience and lost my excitement and self-confidence during this time.
I found Balv online and after reading his reviews, called him up and booked in my first lesson. Ever since that first phone call Balv has been professional, enthusiastic, empathetic and most importantly fun. I looked forward to every lesson which for me was a refreshing change having spent the previous weeks dreading them. Balv always welcomed me into his suspiciously clean car with a huge smile and a general interest in who I was.

Learning to drive is quite a personal experience, as you learn to overcome obstacles by learning from your mistakes. Balv got to know who I was and from this knew the best way to teach me. Sometimes I put far too much pressure on myself and Balv helped me me overcome this.
I couldn’t recommend Balv highly enough! He’s an absolute star who helped me to pass my test 1st time!

On Time - Patience !!!
20th Nov 2018 by IshpreetK

Thanks so much Balv!! I came from another driving school that taught me nothing but bad habits so Balv took the time to re teach me the basics. He had a lot of patience with me even though I constantly kept making the same silly mistakes. He’s flexible and on time and I’m so glad I switched instructors when I did!

An Amazing Instructor  !!
17th Oct 2018 by Asli1

I’ve been studying with Balv for about 7 months and his way of teaching is absolutely amazing. I had my test a couple of days ago and I passed first time!! I honestly couldn’t have had a better teacher. He understood the way I learn and helped me correct my mistakes as well as helped me strengthen my weaknesses. Best instructor ever!!

Extraordinarily Patient - Brilliant Way Of Rationalising Things !!
25th September 2018 by Beau J-01

I started with JD Driving School as a very nervous, bordering on phobic, learner. Each lesson, Balv was extraordinarily patient with me, and had a brilliant way of rationalising things and adapting his teaching methods to best suit me. I quickly gained the skills and confidence and passed my test, something that seemed inconceivable last year. Thank you Bal

Really Great Instructor !!!!
01 Aug 2018 by HemalC

Thank You Balv !!! For all the help and Support passed my practical test today. First time !!! 😁
Balv has been a great instructor really calm and kind !!
Would advise new learners to go with JD Driving school you won't regret it !!!

Want To Pass? Call Balv.
30 Jul 2018 by hitikg

I'm not a naturally confident driver so it has taken a lot of work to get to the point of passing which has finally happened today. It's safe to say Balv has motivated me and pushed me to be a good driver even when I haven't personally felt confident. He's funny, reassuring and helpful when learning and understanding how to improve your drive which makes him an excellent instructor. All of these qualities has resulted in a first time pass which I could not be more grateful for! So if you're learning to drive and want to make sure you're instilled with the correct and safe driving procedures from the get go, then Balv is your man.

Absolutely Outstanding Driving Instructor and Around Great Person!
26 Jul 2018 by WirelessprA 

Having driven outside the UK (in very different driving conditions) for over 20 years, I was looking for someone who could not just help me "learn" the ways of driving in this country, but to also help me "unlearn" some bits that I had picked up over the years.

I took a series of driving lessons over the course of a month. Balv is quite simply the most knowledgeable, experienced, kind and patient driving instructor you can ever come across! He was always guiding me, patiently yet firmly, constantly helping me to pick up new skills and also to polish up existing ones.

With an endless supply of energy, patience, kindness and of course knowledge, Balv helped me to not only pass my driving test with just ONE minor, but also helped me become a confident driver!

I would very highly recommend JD driving school to anyone who wants to be a very good driver. With the experience he has and the person that he is, you simply cannot go wrong with Balv!

Excellent Learning Experience, Passed 1st Time !
13 Jul 2018 by JulietW-13

A very good instructor, friendly and considerate. I found I learnt quickly and consistently, managing to pass my test first time in about 7 months of learning. Would definitely recommend to anyone else looking for driving instructors !


Outstanding Teacher !!
21 Jun 2018 by JulieD-214

I failed my test three times a very long time ago and came to JD driving school after 2 decades of not driving. To say I was anxious is an understatement! Balv has patiently, professionally and with humour and motivational approaches, taken me from, frankly a nervous wreck behind the wheel, to a calm, confident, proficient driver. I can’t recommend him enough. Happy and safe driving everyone!

The BEST Instructor Around !
21 Mar 2018 by Danish -01

Balv is a very experienced instructor that prepared me not only to a standard for the driving test but also driving life ahead by explaining information in a very easy to understand manner. I highly recommend JD driving school to everyone wanting to be a safe and capable driver! I passed first time thanks to Balv and so can you!

Best Of The Best !!
13 Mar 2018 by JordanD-27

From taking the world's most inexperienced, nervous driver and turning him to someone who passed first time with only two minors, Balv has the recipe to success! His never ending patience, kind words of encouragement and friendly demeanour meant that I was put at ease while learning how to drive, he is truley the best of the best! Thankyou Balv!

Keep Calm Cause I Passed My Driving Test - With The Best Instructor !
Sandy - 01  by 26 Feb 2018

I've had the pleasure of learning to drive with the best instructor. Very polite and calm. Explained every thing very well. Thank you very much for putting up with me.

Excellent Instructor AAA++++
07 Feb 2018 by Alex - 01

Balv really is the definition of a great driving instructor. Chatty, friendly, patient and he really knows his stuff inside out. He always has things under control and is calm and collected even in stressful situations which really puts you at ease. All this and Balv is a genuinely good bloke who you can chat too all day long! Will miss going on my driving lessons!

Excellent Driving Instructor - Great Driving Instructor !!
12 Jan 2018 by David S19-1

I passed my driving test a few days ago at the first attempt which I am ecstatic about! Balv is a great driving instructor who has pushed me when needed, and reminded me of all the fundamentals whenever they have started to slip and all in a calm and friendly way. I shall miss my lessons with Balv but know that because of him I have a solid understanding as a driver.

Look No Further - Balv Is Your Man!                    
28 Nov 2017 by  PhilD-118

Yesterday I passed my driving test at the first time of asking. I'm thrilled to bits, but equally gutted I won't spend my Friday mornings talking bacon sandwiches (and avoiding pedestrians, of course) with Balv's JD Driving School. Beyond a seriously top-notch driving instructor, Balv is a top bloke too. This is important, because without a car of my own to practice in, I spent a considerable amount of time with him telling me what to do and how to do it - so you need a driving instructor you get on with. But he's thorough too. He knows when you're panicking and gets you out of a fix quickly and safely. He also taught my girlfriend to drive at the same time (not in the same lessons though, that's too much for anyone!), and we're both very happy customers. We searched for an instructor based on price & experience and Balv has ticked all the boxes and literally gone the extra miles to teach us to drive. I'll be back for my Pass+ with him soon. Seriously, look no further. Balv's your man.

Amazing - Fantastic and Professional Instructor !
14 Sep 2017 by GraceO-10

Balv is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor, I am so happy that I've had the chance to learn with him. I was an incredibly nervous learner driver with no experience but he has helped me to gain so much insight and confidence on the roads. Not only is he a professional, knowledgable instructor, but he is kind, funny and easy to talk to. Thanks again for all your help Balv!

Recommend To All Types Of Learners !!
27 Jul 2017 by UmairS-2

Utterly outstanding instructor. Really takes pride in his work, wants his students not only to pass, but to genuinely be good drivers. Made me do all kinds of driving that isn't required on the test to build my skills and has given me plenty of confidence to drive. Really pushes his students and most importantly is very very good at easing the pressure and relaxing his students. I was quite nervous before my test but he really gave me confidence and with everything he taught me I had no trouble passing first time with very few mistakes and I'm not the only one that's had a good result from his teaching! Already personally recommended him to several people and would recommend him to anyone. Great teacher but also importantly a great guy, easy to just have a chat and laugh with him. 10/10

More Than Excellent !!
26 Jul 2017 by TyrelleM

Driving becomes so much easier when learning with Balv. Balv was supportive as well as very understanding especially when having to take on a student that has already had a instructor teach her all the do's & don't. Balv always know what is on his students minds especially when they are driving what mistakes they are going to make and makes sure they don't make the mistakes before you they make them. He everything you need to pass your test first time! I would highly recommend Balv to anyone! He will give you all the information you need from insurance to show me tell questions. Big thank to Balv!

Amazing - Professional -Definitely Recommed !!
24 Jul 2017 by KatieH-127

My experience with Balv was amazing. I went to him with not much confidence in my driving, and he turned driving from a scary experience to an enjoyable one, he made me feel very comfortable and he was very professional and was always on time. He was able to do evening and weekend lessons which was great. I would definitely recommend Balv if your a nervous driver, he helped my confidence alot.

First Time Pass - First Class Driving Instructor !
20 Jul 2017 by Karim12

Balv is an excellent driving instructor, having seen me from a clueless learner driver to passing my practical test on the first time! Being an extremely anxious learner, Balv's calm demeanour and persistence was a blessing as my confidence and skills grew. Highly recommend Balv for anyone looking to learn to drive with an experienced and reliable instructor, having armed me with the knowledge and confidence to become a secure road user.
Thanks again Balv!

Highly Recommended - Excellent Service
12 May 2017 by SebastianG-9  

As soon as I met Balv, I knew I was in good hands. With his calm and patient attitude, Balv delivers the service on a level to which all the instructors should aspire to. I have tried few other instructors so far, but Balv proves to be outstanding. Thank
you so much.

Kind and Patient Driving Instructor - Very Highly Recommended !!
03 May 2017  by ChrisB-604

Balv's excellent mentoring has helped me transform from a very nervous learner to a confident and safe driver. Each lesson I took with him was useful and focused upon a particular weakness of mine until I was test ready. Best of all, lessons were always fun and filled with laughs.
Very highly recommended.

First Time Pass - Brilliant Driving Instructor !
19 Apr 2017 by ClaireO-25  

Balv is a brilliant driving instructor who is able to turn a nervous driver like myself into a confident and safe driver I passed first time with only five minors and most of those just down to nerves on the day. Balv is able to put you at ease throughout all lessons and teaches in a calm, clear manner. He is also a genuinely lovely person and this helped to give me the confidence to book my test and successfully get my licence. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive as he is an honest, trustworthy and genuinely lovely teacher who gets results in the best way for your individual learning and tailors lessons to your ability and potential. Thanks so much Balv! - Claire

Great Driving Instructor - Strongly Recommend !!
28 Feb 2017 by SpiriD

I can tell you, Balv is one of the best driving instructors. He is very professional, patient and funny. Learning driving was such a pleasure which helped me to pass the driving test for the first time.
I strongly recommend him.

A Wonderful Learning and Driving Experience !
22 Feb 2017  by SaremT

Learning to drive with JD Driving School was probably the best decision i made toward getting my diving license, Balv knows exactly how to calm your nerves and get rid of any self doubts, and also makes it a fun experience rather than a daunting one. Great value for money and road knowledge, I would urge anyone and everyone to learn from him, it's just too good to miss. Plus he has a good sense of humour and who doesn't like that :)
Overall, i would highly recommend JD to anyone who wants to learn how to drive well, safely and confidently. Many thanks Balv :)  : Sarem

Great Teacher 1st Time Pass - Calm and Professional
02 Feb 2017 by Trent J

Balv is a great instructor, very calm and professional. He made me feel very comfortable while learning which really helps, even when I made little mistakes. He teaches you everything you need to know and helps you to do it well. He was my first and only instructor and couldn't of asked for someone better.

Strongly Recommend - Patient and Hilarious !
25 Jan 2017 by LoisW3

Balv is one of the nicest driving teachers I've ever had, after struggling to progress with a former driving instructor, i picked up and advanced straight away with Balv's teaching. He was always patient and hilarious, which always calmed me down and had a true desire to see his students pass, which really stood out to me. Because of him, I was able to pass first time, and I now have the faith in myself to drive confidently on my own. I would strongly recommend Balv to anyone without hesitation.

Great Teacher First Time Pass - Claim And Professional !!
05 Dec 2016 by ReonS

Balv was my one and only teacher but I can assure you he's the best! Very calm and professional even in sticky situations, got a pass first time. Would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn. Great person and even better teacher

Strongly Recommend - Passed First Time !!!!
03 Oct 2016 by KayC-22

Balv is one of the best driving instructors to be taught by. Passed first time with Balv, he really does teach you the ins and outs in order to master driving and to stay safe on the road. I would strongly recommend him to anyone any day anytime.

Great driving instructor - Enjoyable Lessons !!
11 Jun 2016 by IN-1

Passed First Time
Balv is an excellent driving instructor. At first I was a very nervous driver but thanks to his encouragement (and patience!) I was able to pass the test. His good sense of humour and his patience make the lessons enjoyable.
Thank you Balv!

Passed First Time - Supportive and Patient !!!
20 May 2016 by RalphS-4

Passed First Time
I highly recommend Balv as a driving instructor. He is very supportive and patient, and is always reliable and on time. Balv gave me the skills and confidence to pass the test first time.
Thank you

Fantastic Driving Instructor – Teaches Effectively and Patiently !!
20th April 2016 by Big2mA

Fantastic driving instructor saw me through from a nervous first timer to passing my practical test first time. Keeps your mind at ease and teaches effectively and patiently, I could not have asked for a better instructor to put my trust in to, without him I couldn't have done it. Highly Recommend to anyone seeking great value driving lessons.
Thank you

Extremely Experienced and Professional Teacher !
13 Apr 2016 by JuliaG-11

Great and reliable strongly recommend.
 I just passed my driving test today and would like to thank Balv for all this time he taught me and supported my way to this day. I learnt a lot and gained confidence to drive on crazy London roads from 0. He's extremely experienced and professional teacher. He is very systematical and reliable. It wasn't a single occasion he was late. Even though I passed my driving exam from second time( first time I drove into opposite direction because of nerves which resulted in failure) I had a great confidence and knowledge I needed to pass. So I would like to say thank you one more time Balv. And I'll see you one day around Ealing.

Excellent Driving Instructor – Always had confidence in me!
09 Apr 2016 by AneesaS

Passed first time!
I would highly recommend Balv as an excellent driving instructor as he was patient, always had confidence in me and had a lot of experience.  Thank you so much!

​ ​

Brilliant driving instructor and a great person!
26 Feb 2016 by TedW-2

Passed 1st Time! Thank you Balv!
I highly recommend Balv. He is a brilliant driving instructor and a great person! Thanks to his patience and thorough teaching I passed first time with only 4 minors! Balv gave me the ability, knowledge and confidence not just to pass the test, but to be a safe and proficient driver.
Thank you Balv!

Just passed my test first time today - Fantastic !!
16 Feb 2016  by Ramata C

Passed 1st time!!
I've just passed my test first time today!!  I was very nervous when I started with Balv, after having had a bad experience with a previous instructor, but Balv was very patient with me, and had more confidence in me than I did myself. He knew when I was ready for the test and encouraged me to do the best that I can. I truly enjoyed all our lessons and felt that instruction from Balv was fantastic. I've already recommended him to my flatmate and would recommend anyone else to take lessons from him too. Thank you so much!!

Super guy and a Super Instructor !
28 January 2016 by Ruth A

Balv is a brilliant driving instructor. I am quite a nervous driver and he really boosted my confidence and brought me up to test standard. He is also incredibly conscientious and really wants to ensure that his students, not only pass their driving tests with flying colours, but also become excellent ad confident drivers. I also really enjoyed learning to drive with him - he's good fun, and that is very important when you are spending a lot of time in a car with somebody! He is also incredibly good value and should probably charge a lot more than he does! Finally, he is very punctual.

All in all a super guy and a super instructor!
Thank you Balv! :)

Passed my test first time with Balv - Highly Recommend !!
13 Jan 2016 by Christina2J   

I would recommend Balv to anyone as he made sure I was ready to drive confidently and not simply just to pass my test (which I did first time).
He is very patient and professional and he teaches you the ins and outs of driving in ways I found easy to understand and put into practise. I also found that he charges a fair price reasonable for the area.
I am very pleased I learnt to drive with Balv and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Balv the Legend – Brilliant Teaching
10/11/2015 by Callumoro

Balv is kind and brilliant. He has taught me so many golden rules that made me feel so confident when I was driving. His teaching allowed me to practise difficult manoeuvres with ease. I passed my driving test first time with Balv with no minors and this is down to his brilliant teaching. I would recommend him to anybody as he went above and beyond to fit me in even bearing in mind my super tight schedule. Thank you Balv!

Refresher Driving Lessons - Excellent ,Constructive and Absolutely Recommend !
06/11/2015 by Katejames8

Excellent, Patient, approachable and constructive. Would absolutely recommend.

Balv Is The Man - Great Instructor.
22/09/2015 by Jakerosier16

Balv is a great instructor and a great man, he's polite and well spoken when giving instructions. Balv gave me the confidence and the guidance to make me pass my test 2nd time. I would recommend anyone to take driving lesson with the man himself Balv P.s. Balv is the man


Passed 1st Time - Highly Recommend !!
18/09/2015 by Michelleireland

Such a fantastic instructor, would highly recommend to family & friends !! So happy I got to learn with Balv !! Such a lovely person.


Excellent Teacher – Amazing Instructor !!
01/09/2015 by DavidRog2

Balv is a friendly teacher and an amazing instructor who I highly recommend to anyone who wants to start learning to drive.

Excellent Teacher
25/07/2015 by Jackhc1989

Balv is a friendly teacher who will put you at ease when learning to drive. He pushes you to be the best possible driver you can be through his care and attention to detail, I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn to drive to contact Balv at J D driving school as well as his rates being very less


Best Driving Instructor, Highly Recommend
14/7/15 Glenn Yemoh

Best driving instructor, enjoy being a student while he was teaching me the skills that you cannot ignore. Highly recommend him plus his prices are fair. I failed twice but with him, I passed with flying colours!

Amazing Instructor! Patient and Supportive.
12/07/2015  by Marrianne

I cannot rate Balv highly enough and always been a bit nervous. He was patient supportive and good humoured throughout . I came to driving rather late and always been a bit nervous of getting out there on the roads . However from the first moment I got into the car with him ,he put me at ease . He made me confident in my ability and passed on my first attempt .

Brilliant instructor!!!
06/07/2015 by Dhij

I picked Balv as my instructor as he was the top rated result for my area -  I've always thought that internet ratings are made up but my experience of learning to drive with Balv was first class.
 I was a nervous learner; driving was not something that would come naturally to me. However, Balv’s lessons were structured well, informative with easy to learn, logical methods. His easy going personality and relaxed but instructive lessons help to put you at ease.
Balv teaches you to evaluates and assess your own learning so that you can identify, correct your own weaknesses and contribute to your lesson plans. This helps to make you a more aware, well-rounded    driver- you’re not just learning to drive the test routes.
I ended up passing with Balv first time with only 1 minor; I never thought I could do so well and it was all thanks to Balv, his teaching and encouragement. I can’t speak highly enough of him!

Excellent Instructor!
27/06/2015 by Bari2015

Balv is an excellent instructor! During my learning experience, he has taught m
e a lot. Not only has he taught me to pass the practical but also I can carry these skills on to be a confident and safe driver. Balv is funny, relaxed and approachable person who gives plenty of help and guidance in and around lesson time. I highly recommend him. I managed to pass first time thanks to the help and guidance of Balv

Couldn't ask for more
08/05/2015 by HuwF

Balv is a brilliant instructor. Throughout my learning experience, he has been a reassuring, calm and positive presence in the passenger seat. I don't think I could have asked for a better teacher for me. As well as teaching me to pass the practical, he has ensured that I have the skills to be a safe and confident driver beyond test day. Balv is friendly and approachable, and is always on hand whenever I need advice or guidance. I couldn't recommend him enough - I passed today, first time!

A Fantastic Instructor
02/04/2015 by Hasna J

My experience with Balv has been excellent. His knowledge, experience and professionalism shines through in his teaching methods. He has not only taught me how to drive but also how to be a safe and confident road user. Throughout our lessons, I have come a long way from being a bag of nerves to relaxed and calm behind the wheel thanks to Balv's support. He's not only a great instructor but a genuinely nice guy as well. I would 100% recommend Balv to anyone wanting to learn how to drive from the very best. I can't thank Balv enough for my wonderful learning experience :)

Great instructor, passed first time
11/02/2015 by Dans13

I have just passed my test, I passed it first time. Many thanks to you Balv, found you very helpful and definatly highly recommendable.

Excellent instructor, first time pass
08 Dec 2014 by Harry04

Excellent instructor, first time pass
Just passed my driving test first time. Im very pleased and know one could've prepared me more for the test then Balv. He is very experienced, helpful and genuinely a nice guy who wants you to pass as much as you do. I will be recommending you to anyone looking to learn to drive and thanks for helping me pass.


1st Time Pass
06 Dec by 2014 NCL

On December 4th I passed my test 1st time with only 4 minors. I was initially a nervous driver and Balv was very patient with me. He tailors the lesson to your needs and let's you practice things you are least confident about. He is a perfectionist in terms of driving and he instilled the same qualities in me through his excellent teaching. He has many different approaches if you struggle with his initial method and he is always attentive. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Thanks a lot Balv.

Passed 1st Time
04 Dec by Omar

Recently passed my test and is when i started in August I never thought I'd pass first time I highly recommend Balv as an driving instructor. Thanks for everything

Great driving instructor! secret to first time pass
01 Dec 2014 by doniyor_uz

Great driving instructor! secret to first time pass
Just passed my driving exam at first time. I'm so happy and thankful to Balv. Without his efforts, encouragement and practical teaching method I wouldn't be ready to pass in such short time. I would definitely recommend Balv to anyone thinking to pass their driving test at first time. With his so many years of experience, you can't go wrong with him. Thanks Balv, you are great instructor!

Excellent Instructor and Fantastic Guy..!
25 Nov 2013  by Jaz_bhanot

 I'd like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank Balv for being a brilliant, ever so patient, supportive, punctual, flexible, reliable and a friendly driving instructor. I fall short of words to describe his sincerity towards his students and lessons, he knows more than everything you need to know about driving. I was thrilled at the quality of lessons which were miles apart from the useless lessons I used to take from a previous driving school. Very productive and excellent value for money. I'd definitely recommend this to all the young and nervous learners like me. Once again I owe a HUGE thank you to Balv, Cant thank him enough! Good luck and best wishes to all those learners out there.

Excellent Instructor!!!!
25 Nov 2013 by Rooby

 Balv is an excellent driving instructor, very patient and professional. I did have previous lessons with another driving instructor but found that I was being rushed and did not feel confident or ready to take my test. I was so glad I changed and had Balv as my instructor as he took the time to work with me and prepared me so well for the test that I felt confident and more to the point I passed!!!! Thank you Balv.

Money Well Spent! Best Instructor Ever!!
15 Sep 2013 by Fashion_Jess

I have recently passed my practical on my first attempt.I highly recommend Balv as he is easy going driving instructor but each lesson pushes you to see observe and tackle things you aren't really comfortable with ie. roundabouts off motorways lol. Learnt a whole lot from him in a couple of months and even calmed my hesitation whilst driving! He is always prompt at your door on time and has constant clear instruction that becomes like a repetitive pop song in your head! each lesson feels like a work out with scanning , observing, signaling and constant reverse parks and reverse corners which he is very patient on and will do it 4-5 times in a lesson til you get it right! Ive decided to continue to do a pass plus with him!

Highly recommended
23 Mar 2013 by alex_2013

I would certainly recommend Balv to anyone wishing to get driving instruction, for the driving test and beyond.

I started my lessons with him having no prior driving experience and generally being anxious about driving in the intense London traffic. I have now passed the driving test successfully and an am confident in my driving abilities. Balv is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and patient instructor. He knows well the problems learners encounter at various stages and teaches how to overcome them. I drove a manual-transmission car, and Balv taught the driving technique extremely well. Balv also knows thoroughly all the test centres in the area, the routes used by them, and areas on these routes that might cause learners problems during the test.

His instruction, however, goes far beyond the test requirements. He teaches to see the road and to anticipate various situations to the level that I had thought was very hard to achieve before I started driving with him. For example, I am now able to use reflections from windows to see what happens around a sharp bend in a road, or to look under the cars in a traffic jam to see whether any pedestrians could suddenly emerge on the road, not to mention being able to spot a pedestrian well before they approach a zebra crossing.

Success ..... After 24 Years
19 Mar 2013 by  LOGarro

I started taking driving lessons when I was 19, but being a student meant I was never home long enough to be test-ready. After over 20 years of starting and stopping, I decided, in 2011, that it was now or never. I was familiar with the Impact offices, so I called them up and told them what I wanted. Within a 24 hours I'd booked my first lesson.

Balv was easy to get on with from day one; very relaxed, friendly and extremely patient. More importantly, he believed in my ability to drive. He had a clear vision for me and I could clearly see my progression. Balv gave me good feedback and any criticism was always constructive and given with good humour and encouragement. I never went away feeling like a failure.

Driving with Balv was an enjoyable experience and for the first time I actually saw myself completing the course. I passed my driving test first time almost a year to the day after I began with Balv - and that was with just one lesson a week.

Balv helped me to be confident on the road. As a woman in my mid-40s, passing my test was a huge achievement for me. I would definitely recommend Balv as an instructor.

A Great Experience
13 Mar 2013 by nickstrode 

After trying lessons with two other instructors, getting stressed and not feeling comfortable i was very happy to have a friend recommend Balv.
He's a great guy, very patient and understanding. very easy going and really knows his stuff.
i went from being stressed about driving; almost giving up for a while, to having passed and am now on the road and loving it!
couldn't have done it without him!

Excellent - Calm - Patient - Instructor
10 Mar 2013 by NickyJ12

Balv is a excellent,calm and patient instructor. I have gained a lot of confidence in driving through learning with Balv. He prepared me well for my driving Test. He has good knowledge of teaching how to drive he makes sure that I have good Knowledge of the Highway Code whilst we are out on the road which is very useful. I recommend that you book your lessons from Balv if you want to ensure a pass!

Excellent Driving Instructor
08 Mar 2013 by Michelle89

Excellent driving instructor, he is very professional, friendly, patient and easy to talk to. Explains every thing to you and makes you feel very comfortable driving. The best driving instructor you could ask for. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons manual or automatic.

Brilliant Instructor !!
24 Feb 2013 by mkh1

Excellent instructor who is very professional, experienced and friendly.  He lessons are reasonably priced and very high quality. A very good teacher, I passed first time and have also stayed with this instructor to do my Pass Plus.

Excellent instructor
16 Feb 2013 by UgaaskaH

5 stars because with an ADI approved grade 6 instructor (ie that's the highest grade) he has a high pass rate but also you or if you are booking for your teenager; be assured they will be a better and safer driver.

He is not the prettiest but he is personable, punctual with a pass record not easily matched.
Book now and see for yourselves.

11 Feb 2013 by Hilli89

Very professional and punctual with excellent driving experience and knowledge. He has a lot of patience and also very, very friendly and easy going. We covered a lot in so little time which was perfect for me.

Definitely would recommend him for anyone wanting to pass with a lot confidence.


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